Olly Alexander starstruck by Liam Gallagher

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  • 26 July 2018
Olly Alexander

Olly Alexander

Olly Alexander has revealed he was left speechless and "shaking" when he met Liam Gallagher as he realised how much of an impact he had on his childhood

Olly Alexander was rendered speechless and "shaking" when he met Liam Gallagher.

The Years & Years frontman bumped into the 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker a few years ago, and though he isn't a super-fan of Liam's former band Oasis, he was the "most" in-awe he's ever been in front of a celebrity.

He recalled: "Oasis were so massive, my brother was really into them and also the Spice Girls - I was really obsessed with the Spice Girls.

"That was just what was going into my brain at that time and I remember I met Liam Gallagher fairly recently, a couple of years ago, and I was probably the most starstruck I have ever been because they were so massive from when I was such a baby, you know?

"That I was just kinda shaking when I was talking to him, I was like, 'Hi....' It's funny how things stay with you like that.

"Like I wouldn't necessarily say I'm like the biggest Oasis fan but meeting him I was just like, actually, you've left an impact on me."

The 'Sanctify' hitmaker also admitted that he has always been a secret fan of the Spice Girls, but he didn't feel comfortable admitting to it when he was younger, in case he was picked on for being "too effeminate" by liking the 90s girl group.

He told Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1: "When they first came out and exploded, it was actually really a short amount of time they were around, like three or four years?

"And I was at the age when I wasn't thinking too much about how a boy liking Spice Girls, if that was a thing or considered too effeminate or too gay, whatever.

"Because I was so young, I loved it! But then I got a few years older and realised that liking the Spice Girls wasn't technically considered very cool or very good, like at school and stuff..."

However, there is no hiding the influence the 'Viva Forever' hitmakers - Geri Horner, Mel B, Emma Bunton, Victoria and Mel C - have had on him, so it's no longer his guilty pleasure.

Olly said: "They've had a huge impact on my life because I sort of loved them, then pretended I didn't and then it's taken me however many years to come back around and be like, 'no you know what, I love the Spice Girls!'"

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