Bin liner party

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  • 17 July 2008


The housemates are planning to have a bin liner-themed party tonight. The 'Big Brother' group played slippery-pig - a game they have created which involves filling a rubber glove with water, covering it in sun-tan cream and throwing it at each other until it bursts - this afternoon and used bin liners to protect their clothes.

After the game, they decided to have a party tonight and to give it a bin liner theme.

Chef Rex - who is up for eviction this week along with Belinda - fashioned a cape and visor out of his liner, while exhibitionist Bex created a short dress.

Mikey said: "Why don't we have a fashion catwalk thing with the bin liners? We could have a competition."

The busty nursery nurse thought Mikey's idea was brilliant, and set about customising her dress using pink flowers and giving it a nipped-in waist.

Sara was so impressed by her effort she told Bex she should go on fashion show 'Project Catwalk', which features budding fashion designers.

Rex ran around the garden in his cape, and announced he was dressed as superhero Batman's sidekick, Robin.

Cheeky Stuart commented: "Who wants to be Robin? He's Batman's little loser mate."

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