Live review: Blame it on Bianca Del Rio (4 stars)

Live review: Bianca Del Rio

credit: Denise Malone

No one is safe from Hurricane Bianca's razor-sharp insults

Bianca Del Rio begins her shows with an important reminder: she is a nasty, hateful bitch. It's no real surprise to anyone who came to love her as she stormed to victory in Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race, but without any rules or restrictions, she's unstoppable.

Following the marvel of Myra Dubois, a sort-of singing, sort-of dancing ball of hilarity, the target moves from the backs of latecomers to everyone in the world. Period. No one is safe from Hurricane Bianca – she belts out early on that she's not any kind of phobic, she's an equal opportunity hater. But particularly if you're a white woman named Dawn – 'White people ruin everything, Dawn.'

Trump, RuPaul, sobriety, oversensitivity, shitty Instagram comments – she takes on the world at large and doesn't hold Drag Race on an untouchable pedestal. She couldn't care less about Brexit, they've got their own issues with Trump, whose mouth looks like an arsehole to her and fittingly spews shit. It's a tough time in America, and Bianca has never felt more shaken to her core than by the historic, world-shifting decision: Trixie winning All Stars 3 over Shangela. And don't even get her started on the butterfly fiasco of Season 10.

How many shows could you go to and have an audience member ask the performer to ring their mum and call them a c**t? Not only does Bianca oblige, resulting in the surprised parent crying tears of joy down the phone, but it doubles the c**t count in a spritely song and dance.

Bianca is praised for reading herself as well as everyone else, and when an audience question declares that the movie Hurricane Bianca is the worst film they'd ever seen, even she can't stifle the cackle that bursts through at the frankness, 'You're brave, bitch'.

Bianca is sharp and she'll cut anyone with her wit; you've just got to leave discomfort at the door.

Bianca Del Rio is on tour in the UK throughout Jul and Aug. Reviewed at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 21 Jul.

Bianca Del Rio

Drag superstar Bianca Del Rio brings her razor-tongued wit and fabulous eye make-up on a UK tour.

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