Housemate's manure hell

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 July 2008

Bex and Sara

The Hell housemates will be challenged to shovel muck. Big Brother has erected two pens in the garden, one which is full of manure and one which is empty.

In order to win two hours of hot water, the hellish contestants - Belinda, Lisa, Luke, Rebecca, Mikey, Stuart and Sara - will have to move the compost from one pen to the other, using only trowels and a wheelbarrow.

The group awoke to find the new additions to the garden, and quickly began discussing what was going on.

Luke asked: "Why have we got a big pile of compost there?"

Belinda guessed: "We're gonna have to move it around the Garden twelve times. Running with compost."

Luke continued: ""Why are there trowels and a wheelbarrow?"

Belinda said: "There are seven trowels."

Catching on, Luke added: "We've got to move it from this one to that one."

Belinda speculated: "We have to do it in half an hour or we don't get food."

Mikey said despairingly: "How could it get any worse in here?"

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