Livid Luke

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  • 17 July 2008


Luke admitted being "livid" at Darnell this afternoon. Darnell completed this week's 'Big Brother' shopping list on his own as part of his role as Head of House, but Luke and some of the other 'Big Brother' contestants living in Hell - Luke, Lisa, Rebecca, Mikey, Stuart and Sara - think he has not made the most of the budget.

Luke said: "We're going to have to cook someone, I don't know what else we're going to eat."

The group were particularly upset to hear Darnell had not ordered potatoes, fruit, vegetables or chocolate.

Luke said: "Crucial error. Darnell's forgotten the potatoes."

Lisa fumed: "Bang goes the baked potatoes and tuna. Bang goes the mash gravy and vegetables, bang goes the chips. It's literally going to be just rice."

Mikey said: "He's screwed us right over. I can't believe he forgot the potatoes. It's rice and chickpeas all week."

Luke added: "Mikey, I don't like tuna and we've got thirty tins of tuna."

Although they were initially happy to hear Darnell had ordered eggs and flour so they could make cakes, their excitement quickly evaporated when he admitted he had ordered the wrong kind of flour.

The contestants also complained Darnell asked everyone what they wanted on the list, but then ignored their requests.

Luke- who does not eat eggs - said: "I'm livid Stuart. Why have I got ten eggs?"

A dejected Lisa added: "And we voted him, to give him the chance."

Explaining he would have been a better choice for Head of House, Luke said: "I said in my election speech I've been in every single basic budget thing we've done. I know I could have done it."

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