Kelsey Grammer to star in new music industry set comedy

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  • 18 July 2018
Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh

Kelsey Grammer has signed on to star in new coming-of-age comedy 'The Space Between' which is set in the music industry

Kelsey Grammer is to star in new independent comedy 'The Space Between'.

The former 'Frasier' actor is to portray a forgotten rock 'n' roll star who will help a young and ambitious wannabe A&R guy get out of the mail room and into the big time in the coming-of-age movie set in the music business in the 1990s.

The movie is being directed by Rachel Winter - the Oscar-nominated producer of acclaimed AIDS drama 'Dallas Buyers Club', which earned Matthew McConaughey a Best Actor Oscar - from a script penned by Will Aldis.

Shooting is due to commence in Los Angeles in the coming weeks with Steven Samuels, Milan Popelka and Michael Roiff acting as producers.

Kelsey, 63, will next be seen in Netflix comedy movie 'Like Father', which also stars Kristen Bell and Seth Rogen, and hits the streaming service on August 3.

The 63-year-old Hollywood star's production company Grammnet is co-producing Hulu's 'Light as a Feather', which is a 10-episode supernatural series.

Kelsey has been taking on less roles in the last few years due to him focusing on raising his three young children - a daughter and two sons, all of whom are under six years old - with his wife Kayte Walsh.

Speaking about the joy he experiences from being a hands-on father, he recently said: "It's fantastic, the energy is magnificent. I'm as young as they are. And my wife has a pristine and extraordinary ability to love. She loves being pregnant and being a mom.

"When you reach a certain age, you don't worry about your career the same way. [Earlier in life], your kids get a little lost in the shuffle, and you end up regretting it."

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