Housemates' Big lunch

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 July 2008


Big Brother supplied the housemates with packed lunches this morning (11.54am). The contestants - who discovered they had failed this week's shopping task last night, meaning they must survive on a basic budget of £1 per person per day for the second week running - were delighted with the treat, especially as they had all been moaning they were hungry.

As the group lounged around this morning, Big Brother suddenly announced: "The store room is now open for housemates to collect their individual packed lunches."

A thrilled Rachel exclaimed: "Oh my gosh!"

Stuart began bouncing up and down, while the rest of the group shrieked and whooped when they saw the packed meals.

Lisa said: "I'm in shock."

While Rachel added: "I can't believe Big Brother has done this for us."

In true school-lunch style, the contestants then began swapping parts of their lunch with each other.

Luke and Mohamed exchanged sandwiches, while Belinda swapped her sandwiches for an apple.

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