David Bowie: First Five Years documentary being made

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  • 16 July 2018
David Bowie

David Bowie

David Bowies' early career is set to be the focus of a new documentary 'The Five Five Years', acting a prequel to the BBC's previous two films about the 'Space Oddity' legend

David Bowies' early career is set to be the focus of a new documentary.

The upcoming film 'The First Five Years' is being produced, and it will act as a prequel to 'David Bowie: Five Years' and 'David Bowie: The Last Five Years', which both aired on the BBC.

Although no more details have been made available yet, David Bowie News reported that the documentary will air in 2019 as fans can look forward to another insight into the life of the 'Space Oddity' musician.

The late rock icon tragically passed away in 2016 aged 69 following a secret battle with cancer.

He was honoured over the weekend at 'The Muppets Take The O2', as Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem performed his track 'Suffragette City' as part of their run of musical numbers during the puppet troupe's first ever live show outside the US.

Despite that tribute - and Bowie's enduring popularity and influence - it comes after Neve Campbell had "no idea" who David Bowie was when they appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' together.

The 'Skyscraper' actress - who grew up in Ontario, Canada - was totally clueless about American pop culture until she got involved in the movie industry and admitted hosting the iconic comedy series at the height of her fame in 1997 was "wasted" on her as she was so "clueless".

She said: "I just didn't know American pop culture at all. "And then suddenly I became an actor and suddenly these things were happening to me.

"I wasn't that familiar with ['SNL']. I was terrified! And then I found out that my musician was David Bowie, and my friend was like, 'David Bowie? Oh, my God!' And I was like, 'Who's David Bowie?' I had no idea. That experience was so wasted on me, 'cause I was clueless! Like, absolutely clueless!"

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