Luke's birthday bash

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 July 2008


Luke received a French-themed birthday party last night. Big Brother ordered Head of House Darnell to pick one person from the Hell side of the house and two from the heavenly side to join Luke at his 21st birthday celebration.

Darnell picked Luke's best pal Rebecca, Dale and then made the controversial decision to allow himself to attend the bash.

He said: "I never pick myself for anything, I'm not that guy. But Luke would have wanted me there more than anyone else."

Big Brother converted a room into a wine cellar for the event, and the quartet were given berets and moustaches to wear - in honour of this week's Viva La France shopping task - and bread, cheese, beer, wine and cloudy lemonade.

The group also tucked into birthday cake, which Luke made with his fellow Hell inhabitants - Lisa, Belinda, Stuart, Sara, Mikey and Bex - earlier in the day.

Chat at the birthday party quickly took a saucy turn, with Dale telling the group he could never date a girl who "talked filth" because he wouldn't be able to "just take her to the park to feed the swans".

He then offended exhibitionist Bex by suggesting she was exactly the kind of girl he was talking about.

Later, the group went to the Diary Room to thank Big Brother.

Luke said: "I've had a really good day. I was quite upset I had to make my own birthday cake - I thought that was my present, which was actually appalling and almost depressing. But you've given the non-drinker the wine cellar to go to, which is interesting, and I've had a good night with these three bar Rebecca. I've really enjoyed it."

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