Viva la fail

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  • 17 July 2008

Kat and Rex

The housemates have failed the Viva La France shopping task. Although the group passed the mime and cycling 'Big Brother' challenges, they failed the wine-tasting and food tests meaning they will have to survive on a basic shopping budget of just £1 per person per head this week.

Mikey said: "I'm shaking with that result. I'm absolutely livid."

He was particularly upset as he had taken part in the cycling challenge with the rest of the Hell housemates - Lisa, Luke, Belinda, Sara, Stuart and Rebecca - which saw them peddle a combined distance of 1040km in just 30 hours.

Luke said he was "raging" at the news.

He added: "Another week on the basic budget is going to kill me! I'm losing weight at a rapid pace."

The contestants also moaned Head of House Darnell - who was tasked with picking challenge for people - had chosen badly.

His decision to give Rex and Kathreya the food test - which saw them have to eat a 5ft baguette stuffed with grapes and cheese in 30 minutes - came in for particular criticism.

Mikey said: "Mohamed was wanting to eat that baguette."

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