Primal Scream - ABC2 Glasgow (4 stars)

Primal Scream


ABC2, Glasgow, Mon 7 Jul

What’s the easiest way to create an atmosphere thick with tension, excitement at a gig? Firstly, choose a small venue and pack it with members from the official fan site then keep them waiting for almost three hours, giving them plenty of time to get wildly drunk and impatient, finally come out on stage and rip through your set list.

Everyone knew why they were here so when Primal Scream launched into the title track of new album Beautiful Future it was well received but you get the feeling that they could play Westlife covers to rapturous applause.

It’s easy to forget the depth of the band’s back catalogue but electric performances of ‘Swastika Eyes’ and ‘Movin’ on Up’ had the ABC2 in hysteria.

Everyone’s aware that they’re touch and go when it comes to live performances but Primal Scream went at it like they were playing for their lives. A no holds bard, veracious rock ‘n’ roll performance that triumphantly stated ‘this is who we are and this what we do best’.

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