Dale's wine advice

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  • 16 July 2008


Dale completed his part of the 'Big Brother' shopping task this afternoon (3.15pm). The hunky trainee teacher - along with Mohamed - had to master the art of wine tasting for the Viva La France challenge, and emerged from the test confident.

Explaining what he had to do, he said: "You've got to go into the Diary Room, then you've got to name the wines, smell 'em, have a taste and then have a guess. Then you've got to describe the bouquet and the taste. After that you've gotta put 'em in order of value. With the most expensive on the left and the least on the right."

He also tried to give Mohamed - who was about to be called to sit the same test - some advice, saying: "Look out for... uhm... look out for the proper smokey one."

Confused, Mohamed replied: "Which number was that?"

Dale responded: "It doesn't matter."

A crestfallen Mohamed explained: "I smelt each one and remembered what number was on the bottle."

Dale said: "I'm not sure but, anyway... it was smokey as f**k."

Listening to the conversation, Kathrea, Rachel and Darnell all agreed the challenge sounded hard, with Darnell claiming it was the trickiest of them all.

Dale replied: "I just nailed my glasses of wine in there."

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