MNEK thinks the music industry needs more out gay artists

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  • 5 July 2018

MNEK Brits

MNEK hopes one day all musicians who are LGBTQ+ feel they can come out and be open about their sexuality

MNEK is looking forward to the day there are more "out" LGBTQ+ musicians.

The 'Never Forget You' hitmaker believes that although the industry is more accepting than ever of queer artists, he's hoping one day everyone will able to speak openly about their sexuality in the spotlight, like he and his showbiz pals Olly Alexander of Years & Years and Australian star Troye Sivan are.

In an interview with ShortList Magazine, the English singer-and-producer said: "Yes, there are obviously progressive people such as myself, Olly [Alexander] and Troye [Sivan], but everyone's coming out story is different.

"Everyone's journey as a gay man or woman is different; it's personal. We want there to be an influx of people who suddenly feel more comfortable being themselves."

The producer believes he is among one of few current musicians who are blatant about sexuality.

He added: "In reality everyone is different, so it will be different rates, with different people, in different families. Whether someone comes out or not depends on that.

"You said me, Olly and Troy-but that's it. The second there's a proper host of out gay musicians, that will be the moment."

The 23-year-old songwriter also believes that there is space in the music world for more gay artists of colour.

He added: "The industry has always been accepting of gay artists, but a particular thing for me is to see gay artists of colour.

"I'm very thankful to be next to people such as Olly and Troy because I really love them, I'm friends with them they're both white.

"It's a different land it's a different experience and its different perception from the public. From my point of view, there's a lot of work to do- and that's what I want to do."

On being a figurehead in the LGBTQ+ community, MNEK said: "I don't feel pressure I think there's fun to have.

"And I want to show that being gay and of colour doesn't have to be a sob story all the time. It can actually be really jokes and empowering."

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