Dale and Mo's wine improvement

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 July 2008


Dale and Mohamed practiced for their wine-tasting task this morning (12.46pm). The 'Big Brother' pair must correctly identify 15 wines from their taste and smell alone in order to pass their part of the Vive La France shopping challenge, but are finding it hard to master the skill.

Although Mohamed managed to name some of the wines, a dejected Dale continued to find the task tough.

As he tried to identify one bottle, he muttered: "I don't even know."

Mohamed than sniffed another one and declared: "It absolutely stinks."

However, with some practice Dale finally started to improve.

After he correctly guessed one, an amazed Mohamed asked: "How did you know that? Was it a guess?"

Dale was quick to reveal the secret to his success: "If you get a big, fat noseful you can smell it a bit."

Meanwhile, a fed-up Luke - who is celebrating his 21st birthday today - thinks the group will fail the task.

Chatting to Bex, he said: "The probability of us passing this task is dropping by the minute."

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