Housemates' cycling hell

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  • 16 July 2008

Lisa, Mikey, Luke and Stuart

The hell housemates complained about the shopping task this morning. The weary 'Big Brother' contestants - comprising Belinda, Rebecca, Lisa, Stuart, Mikey and Sara, as well as Luke who is exempt from the challenge as he is ill - have to cycle 1040km in 30 hours on stationary bikes in order to pass the test and have taken it in turns to peddle throughout the night.

This morning (9.15am), Luke joined Bex, Sara and Mikey in the task room and attempted to spur them on.

As Bex puffed and panted through her stint, Luke encouraged: "You've done one minute Bex. You've got another eight minutes, Bex."

She replied: "I can't."

Luke continued: "You're building up speed now Bex. Listen to the bike. Five minutes to go, five effing minutes."

The housemates eventually became so tired they decided to wake Stuart to get some help, but he wasn't impressed.

Stuart said: "I've had two hours' kip and I've got to get up and do it again. Me and Lisa cycled our a***s off last night."

Lisa emerged from her sleep in a slightly better mood, saying: "I estimate we will have done it in the next three-and-a-half hours."

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