New Edinburgh radio station hopes to help connect people to creativity

New Edinburgh radio station hopes to 'provide an alternative way for people to connect with the self-expression of others.'

EH-FM at Hidden Door / credit: Chris Scott

EH-FM launches as a community-focused platform that provides a space for local creatives to showcase their talent

A new multimedia radio platform in Edinburgh is set to launch on Friday 29 June as a welcome addition to the city's arts scene. EH-FM, which will be based in Summerhall, is to host shows from local Scottish creatives and provide a platform for their work outside of the normal night time setting. The schedule will consist of over 30 shows on a monthly schedule and aims to broadcast live from the studio Tuesday to Sunday, with listeners being able to tune in via the station's website. In addition to the regular broadcast from the studio, they will also broadcast from around the city in various cultural locations.

The team have already been warming up in anticipation for their official opening with live broadcasts from Hidden Door Festival which included appearances from DJs like Percy Main (Lionoil) and Kate Harahan. Ahead of the launch, we spoke to the EH-FM team to find out more about the inspiration behind the radio station and what to expect in the future.

Where did the idea for EH-FM come from and why did you feel Edinburgh needed a radio station like EH-FM?
We felt that there was a gap in Edinburgh for a community-focused creative platform. We think there is a huge amount of exciting, innovative stuff coming out of our city at the moment, despite the common (and unfair) narrative that nothing ever happens here! The great thing about radio is that you can promote someone's work to a wide audience without the need for much physical space. In a time when we're seeing so many venues being lost to various development projects, we hope EH-FM will provide an alternative way for people to connect with the self-expression of others.

What foundational values is the radio station built on?
EH-FM is a community radio station, so we're built on community values. Inclusivity and respect are two important values for a successful community: we want to be as inclusive as possible without compromising on quality, and we want to achieve diversity and gender equality through our programming and the team in general. Another value that springs to mind are advocacy. We want to use this radio station as a voice to support the things that make our community a great place to be. We want to celebrate interesting, creative, positive things going on in the city – hopefully, that positivity will spread.

New Edinburgh radio station hopes to 'provide an alternative way for people to connect with the self-expression of others.'

credit: Chris Scott
Diversity seems to be an important driver in the ideas behind the radio station – how do you hope to widen access and take down certain barriers that exist in the arts scene?
There are simple things that can be done, like reaching out to DJs, artists, broadcasters etc and giving people in minority groups a platform and space where they might have been overlooked in the past. There are whole areas in the music world which can become real boys clubs. But crucially we don't want to make a big song and dance about this. People will be involved because they're passionate, talented and creative – whether they're black, gay, brown or female. That is how it should be everywhere and it's a shame it needs to be mentioned.

What can we expect from the 30+ shows that have already been confirmed? You say that your remit is not limited to music, what kind of other creative content do you hope to attract to the station?
A huge mix of DJs, playing music from every genre imaginable. Talk shows with interviews and discussions about local issues, live music coverage and on-location broadcasts from businesses and events around Edinburgh. EH-FM aims to offer a real mix of shows, catering to a wide range of interests and tastes. We want to be a platform where local talent and projects can be showcased – whether that be in the music scene, journalism, arts, social enterprises, charity or business.

How can people get involved with the station?
Come down to our launch party on Fri 29 Jun and have a chat with us. The launch will take place at Custom Lane, starting at midday with a lineup of DJs playing all day. We are taking over Sneaky Pete's for the night as well, with tickets at a fiver and all proceeds going towards the studio and the station. If you can't make the party, drop us an email at or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and news.

EH-FM Launch Party, Friday 29 June, Custom Lane from 12–8pm, Sneaky Pete's from 11pm–3am

EH-FM Launch Party

Edinburgh's newest radio station launches with a whole day and night of broadcasting and dancing. During the day expect a line-up of up-and-coming DJs like FRANk, Giles Walker and Jacuzzi General, before heading over to dance the night away with all-night b2b sets.