Mikey's heaven outburst

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 July 2008


Mikey slammed the "inconsiderate" heavenly housemates last night. Hellish contestant Mikey became angry when some of the group on the Heaven side of the 'Big Brother' house - which has been divided into two sections, with those housemates in Hell being ordered to serve those in Heaven - started making noise in the living room.

Foul-mouthed Mikey claimed the situation was unfair as some of the hellish housemates - who must collectively cycle 1,040km in just 30 hours as part of this week's shopping task - were trying to rest.

He said to Head of House Darnell: "Why are people sitting in here making noise when there are people asleep? They need to be more considerate. The deal was that you stay in the luxury bedroom and you're not. It's not fair and you're waking Lisa up."

Darnell claimed he was only in the area to ensure "everybody was getting to where they needed to be".

Earlier, Stuart went to the cycling task room when he was supposed to be resting, prompting Mikey to ask if it was too noisy in the house.

Stuart assured him he couldn't sleep anyway, but an irate Mikey termed the housemates "inconsiderate".

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