Example dropped by record label

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 June 2018


Rapper Example has revealed he has been dropped by his record label, and is set to release his sixth studio album independently

Example has been dropped by his record label.

The 'Kickstarts' hitmaker's last single, 2015's 'Whisky Story', only made it to number 96 in the Official UK Chart, and after getting "frustrated" with Columbia Records over the delay of his sixth studio album, they've parted ways with the rapper set to release LP 'Bangers & Ballads' independently.

The 'Watch The Sun Come Up' hitmaker - whose real name is Elliot Gleave - told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I was getting frustrated at Columbia and they were too because they didn't really know what to do with me and now I've got the freedom.

"I'm my own boss. If I put a song out and it doesn't do well we can move on to the next one, whereas at a major label if a song doesn't perform, the bosses sit there and re-think everything.

"There's too much ­planning involved, market research and sales figures. The key to this industry is ­artistry.

"I put one album out in 2014, which was a bit of a mess, with three people in charge within the label all arguing over what I should do -- there was never any agreement of singles.

"They were after big crossover dance singles and I just wanted to make a couple of raw bangers. Once you've had the success there is a pressure to repeat the same formula.

"I want to make it up as I go along and put out exciting tracks."

The 36-year-old star - whose last album was 2014's 'Live Life Living' - previously revealed he'd been waiting for his label to allow him to release the record two years ago.

He told BANG Showbiz in 2016: "I've had an album ready for over a year now. The industry's changed, I mean you don't see a lot of records; people only want to put out a single. So I mean if they want to put out an album."

'Bangers & Ballads' is to be released in August.

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