Kyle Falconer: 'It's not as punky, it's not electric guitar based, it's more Beatles-esque with string arrangements'

Kyle Falconer: 'It's not as punky, it's not electric guitar based, it's more Beatles-esque with string arrangements.'

credit: Bazza Mills

The View frontman heads in a new direction with his debut solo album

Dundee's The View have been pumping out infectious indie rock for over a decade, with debut album, Hats Off to the Buskers, being nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2007. Now frontman Kyle Falconer is gearing up to release his first solo album. It's a big departure from The View with it's lush strings and epic arrangements, with Falconer reaching deep and opening up about his troubles, addiction and fatherhood.

We caught up with Falconer in Glasgow to chat about his love for Liam Gallagher, going solo and coming to terms with rehab.

What made you write a solo album?
They're just songs I've been wanting to do for ages and they didn't really fit with what we [The View] were doing. Kieran's [Webster, bass] really into grunge, Pete's [Reilly, guitar] into Crosby, Stills & Nash, that sorta thing, and Steven's [Morrison, drums] is into heavy metal. We made it work for ages but I wanted to do my own thing, the chance to write by myself and just say what I mean. The only really strange thing was going into the studio by myself. I missed that vitality of having the band, it was a bit daunting on my own. I recorded it at Paul Weller's studio in Surrey at the height of summer last year which was great, had my fiancé and my wee baby there so it was a completely different process to working with The View.

How will you be playing it live?
It's a full band. I recorded on my own but it's a five piece band for the live shows. I supported Liam Gallagher at the Hydro last year and we had full strings, I don't want to play with a [backing] track.

People always ask when someone releases a solo project: what does this mean for the future of The View?
Still going strong we just needed a wee break. We've been doing it since we were 14 and we all went to school together before the band. So we just need a wee break.

How different is this to The View?
It's not as punky, it's not electric guitar based, it's more Beatles-esque with string arrangements. It's quirky, its not just three minute pop wonders, it's a bit deeper.

When can we hear the album?
The album [No Thank You] is finished, it's out 27 July. So it's all systems go.

Lead single 'Poor Me' is about recovery.

I never sat down to write a recovery album but I was in rehab, for the third time. I've been in before but this is the first time I've taken it seriously. The times before I just went because my management forced me, but this time I realised I needed to stop being a dick. My fiancé got pregnant while I was there so I realised I had to take it seriously. So that's what I was writing about that 'poor me, poor, me, pour me another drink …' and thought there's a song in there. Basically I write every day about what's happening.

Looking forward to playing TRNSMT?
Can't wait. I was there last year, there was such a buzz, Glasgow's the best crowd in the world.

You're playing the same day as Liam Gallagher, are you a fan?
I love Liam. I've known him for years, we're pretty good friends. I'm so happy to see the response he's got for the new album, he deserves it, I just love it. Every time I listen to the album it just gets deeper.

Kyle Falconer plays TRNSMT, Glasgow Green, Sat 30 Jun.

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