PAW Patrol Live: 'It's a great live and interactive experience, and a joy to get families into the theatre together'

PAW Patrol

Chase, Rubble, Skye and co tour the UK with The Great Pirate Adventure

If you've got kids of early primary school age or younger, you'll know all about PAW Patrol. This animated series originated in Canada but has been dubbed into various accents and languages across the world, in which a team of search and rescue dogs carry out missions in the town of Adventure Bay. Each one has a catchphrase and a cool vehicle which also exists in toy form. And they're dogs: how can kids not be thrilled by that concept? Also with its roots in North America but spreading out across the world is PAW Patrol Live!, a stage spectacular which arrives in Edinburgh (for three performances in one day) for its latest version, 'The Great Pirate Adventure'.

'It can take six to 12 months to create a show like this,' says Australian actor Katie Ditchburn, who is resident choreographer on the Australian and UK legs. 'My job is giving the pups their moves. The pups in our show are actually life-size puppets, based on Japanese bunraku puppets, and my job is to make sure they move in a way that looks beautiful and clean.'

Those who operate Chase, Rubble, Skye and co are, what Ditchburn calls, 'actors / singers / dancers and, in this case, puppeteers. It's a lot of work for them, but fortunately we have a team of very talented people. There are lots of locations as the pups follow the treasure map from Adventure Bay to the jungle and elsewhere, but we manage to make it seamless. Everyone has been really enjoying it, and I think some of the parents are quite surprised by how much they get into the show. It's a great live and interactive experience, and a joy to get families away from the screen and into the theatre together.'

Edinburgh Playhouse, Sat 28 Jul; SEC, Glasgow, Sat 4 Aug.

PAW Patrol Live

The popular cartoon about young Ryder and his gang of rescue dogs makes the transition to the stage.