Tramway's Children's Exhibition is 'all about the experience of the material'

Children's Exhibition

The Comfortables by Melissa Stabile

Engagement of the senses lies at the heart of the exhibition

The idea that people are now wholly disconnected from each other and prefer to keep their distance, whether it's real or virtual, is one that the organisers behind Tramway's children's art exhibition are keen to challenge. Artist Melissa Stabile, (whose colourful work 'The Comfortables' is pictured) believes they are opening up an invitation for people to take time, enjoy and envelop themselves in a sensorial experience.

'Especially in this digital and very visual age, the work proposes quite literally that people should touch and feel more,' says Stabile. 'The way that people relate to "The Comfortables" is pretty much the way that they feel in the moment. They can touch or wear them, submerge themselves in them, or connect one person to another.'

Stabile's 'Comfortables' is a range of wearable sculpture cushions made in multi-textured, patterned, and brightly coloured fabrics with, in some cases, added fake hair appendages, hooks and hoops to allow the works to be connected to each other and around people.

For fellow artist Richey Carey, it's all about the experience of the material. 'I'm interested in how we might learn more about materiality by paying close attention to its behaviour, thinking about what our different senses allow us to know about that behaviour and what they don't. We've been sounding, dancing, touching and writing about liquid crystals, a material that behaves as both liquid and solid, thinking about what it is to twist between states like they do.'

Tramway, Glasgow, Sat 7 Jul–Sun 26 Aug

Children's Exhibition

A colourful and interactive exhibition of contemporary art for children, which seeks to engage them through both touch and digital experiences, as well as movables shapes and forms.

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