Wilson Dixon returns after a long nine-year absence

Wilson Dixon: For the First Time. Again.

Expect brand new numbers about heartbreak, wheat fields and farm animals from the country legend

When people run through the pantheon of great musical comedy acts, they will generally name-check Tim Minchin, Flight of the Conchords, Victoria Wood, Bill Bailey and Bo Burnham. Some folk might say Richard Stilgoe, but they're probably best ignored. Perhaps his nine-year absence from the UK comedy scene means that he may have been largely forgotten in these parts, but for those of a certain vintage, Wilson Dixon of Cripple Creek, Colorado remains one of the true greats.

With guitar slung across his frame, this cowboy philosopher (whose first album was called Wilson Dixon's Greatest Hits) is back ruminating upon his ex-wife Maureen. She lives next door to him and is making it awkward for him to find a new romance. Not exactly helping either is his horse, Andrew, who is a bad-tempered nag at best. The upside to having all these problems is that it makes for cracking material for a musical comedy act such as Wilson Dixon (OK, it's actually Jesse Griffin, the former member of antipodean comedy troupe 4 Noels beneath the hat and above the spurs).

With Wilson Dixon: For the First Time. Again, the country legend will rattle out a series of brand new numbers about heartbreak, wheat fields and farm animals as he opens his heart and closes his mind to the modern world.

The Stand, Glasgow, Sun 1 Jul; The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 1, Tue 3 Jul.

Wilson Dixon: For The First Time. Again.

Legendary country singer Wilson Dixon returns to the UK after a seven year hiatus for a very rare performance of songs and stories.

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