Pride and Prejudice* (*Sort Of) celebrates Austen's humour with added karaoke and disco balls

Pride and Prejudice * (*Sort Of) celebrates Austen's humour with karaoke and disco balls

Theatre company Blood Of The Young present a bold take on the Austen classic

Blood Of The Young are establishing themselves as a dynamic young theatre company. Their bold, irreverent takes on classics are worth seeking out, as are their own plays, such as recent successes Daphne Oram's Wonderful World of Sound, and Meghan Tyler's The Persians (directed by Paul Brotherston); both ambitious and uproarious.

Now they unstarch the petticoats of Jane Austen's novel of love and social climbing, Pride & Prejudice. It's very much a collaborative process, as writer Isobel McArthur explains. 'The core values of the company remain the same which means – although this show is brand new and attempts to do things we have never tried before – it should be colourful, dynamic and generous.'

Although the thrust of the storytelling will still be at the fore – keeping Jane Austen fans onboard – she insists there will be much invention. 'It should feel like it celebrates Austen's humour and tells her story in a way that values its core message to the reader, albeit with karaoke and disco balls.'

And McArthur believes it's the timeless themes that keep the tale of societal pressure and romance fresh. She adds: 'It reveals something about human beings and what they really enjoy in a love story. We're happy to interrogate that weakness for romance in this show. What the show will never do, however, is pretend to be cleverer than Austen.' And with an all-female cast, it's sure to bring a new energy to the tale.

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 29 June–Sat 14 July.

Pride and Prejudice (Sort Of)

An irreverent all-female adaptation of Jane Austen's classic love story, with all the ruthless matchmaking we've come to expect, with the addition of some new characters from below-stairs.

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