Brad Bird's bold sequel

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  • 17 June 2018
Brad Bird

Brad Bird

Brad Bird thinks it is "bold" for 'The Incredibles 2' to pick up where the first movie left off, despite a gap of 14 years

Brad Bird thinks it's "bold" to have ignored the passing of time with 'The Incredibles 2'

Studio Pixar are readying for the release of the animated superhero sequel, 14 years after the release of the original, and though so many years have gone by, fans will find the characters are still the same age and at the same stage of life as they were in the first film.

Director-and-writer Brad told SciFiNow magazine: "I had half thought about ageing them up a little bit but the minute you do you lose a lot of the iconic power of the idea.

"Because we're not limited to linear ageing the way live action films are, where if an actor is 10 years older, you better write a line in there where they talk about being 10 years older or the audience isn't going to go for it. We're not limited in that way.

"As long as your voice hasn't changed much we can pick up where the last movie left off.

"For me, the boldest thing that a movie that's taken 14 years to happen can do is pick up right where the last movie left off. Who else can do that? No one, so we did it."

In the years between movies, technological advances have meant the movie looks far more like Brad wanted the original to, much to his delight.

He said: "[The characters] look more like our original designs in this film than they did in the first film. We got close, but we didn't get them bang on. On this film, they're bang on. To me, this film is what we were thinking..

"Like the first film, the big deal was that there was no single big deal. It was everything.

"We had three times as many sets as any Pixar film before. We had everything that CG animation was bad at. It's bad at humans, bad at hair, bad at fire, bad at water.

"We just had a whole film that was filled with everything that CG couldn't do well at that point.

"It almost broke the studio in terms of the cutting edge of what could be done on the first film and on this film it was still a challenge but the medium has improved so much you can do good fire, good water, good hair.

"It was just, again, the amount of it. We had a lot."

The Incredibles 2

  • 3 stars
  • 2018
  • US
  • 2h 5min
  • PG
  • Directed by: Brad Bird
  • Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Odenkirk

In this sequel to the 2004 original, Supers are still forbidden but Elastigirl (Hunter) gets to go up against a supervillain while husband Bob (Nelson) minds the kids. It looks great and the voice cast is excellent, but it feels dated and the set-pieces become tiring.

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