Killswitch Engage


1 They’re the illegitimate sons of Slayer They are leaders of the metalcore movement that take the blueprint of thrash as laid down by Slayer, but ramp it up with elements of their hardcore roots. In fact, their rock forefathers Slayer invited them to support them across the US in 2004. They’ve also toured with heavy metal heroes such as In Flames, Shadows Fall and Anthrax plus served a tour of duty on several Ozzfest tours.

2 A chance to hear vocalist Howard Jones scream his lungs out Sorry, not the 80s electro popper, but Howard Jones formerly of Connecticut metallers Blood Has Been Shed. Original vocalist Jesse Leach suffered severe depression while touring Alive or Just Breathing. Separated from his wife while on the road he started to put all his emotion and despair into the music and wrecked his voice, leaving the band (via email) in 2002. But they soon tracked down Jones and have been going from strength to strength since.

1 They love horror movies Their name comes from an episode of The X-Files and they appear on the Freddy vs Jason slashathon and Resident Evil: Apocalypse soundtracks.

1 They’re signed to Roadrunner If one record labels screams quality in the world of metal right now it has to be Roadrunner, home to Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Fear Factory, Murderdolls, Megadeth, Trivium, Sepulture . . . in fact, the list goes on and on but you get the picture.

1 The End of Heartache Their third album and the first with Jones on vocal duties. Simply one of the best metal albums of recent years. Though saying that, November’s As Daylight Dies is no slouch in the heaviosity department either.

Barrowland, Glasgow, Mon 8 Jan.

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