Dale's wine moan

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  • 16 July 2008


Dale and Mohamed started their wine tasting task last night. The 'Big Brother' pair must learn to identify 15 wines from their smell and taste alone in order to pass their part of this week's Vive La France shopping challenge, but despite their initial excitement the boys soon realised the task was trickier than they had anticipated.

The duo were given one hour to practice and whopped with joy when they entered a room containing the wine.

However, after ten minutes of practice Mohamed admitted: "I can't tell the difference."

Dale replied: "I don't have a f***ing clue."

When Mohamed suggested they might as well just drink the wine, Dale responded: "Let's just get f***ing p***ed like, it'd be bangin' that."

The boys eventually decided to give the task a try, with Dale sampling one wine and commenting: "This one's proper oaky, like woodchips."

His enthusiasm was short lived when he couldn't tell the difference between the sixth, seventh and eighth bottles.

He said: "It's no good. It's just wine to me. All I think is 'down it, down it, down it'."

The housemates must pass three or more of their French tasks - miming, wine tasting, cooking and cycling - in order to secure a luxury shopping budget.

Maysoon and Rachel - who learnt the art of mime - completed their portion of their task last night and are convinced their were successful.

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