Belinda's cycling pain

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  • 16 July 2008


Belinda claimed the Big Brother cycling task was "worse than childbirth" last night. The flamboyant theatre director - who, along with fellow Hell housemates Rebecca, Luke, Lisa, Sara, Stuart and Mikey, must cycle 1,040km in 30 hours for this week's shopping task - managed to cycle for 30 minutes but said the pain was "unbearable".

She said: "I gave birth to my son on a beanbag with no painkillers but that was worse."

Belinda emerged from her stint on the bike breathless and sobbing.

Stuart and Lisa helped her to a seat, where Belinda exclaimed: "Jesus! That was the hardest think I've ever done."

As Lisa made her a cup of tea, Belinda continued: "It is so hard being in this house, it is so f***ing hard."

The rest of the hellish housemates echoed Belinda, with Stuart claiming the equipment Big Brother had provided them with was not up to scratch.

He said: "It's shot, that bike. They've screwed us over here. The bikes don't work properly."

Mikey termed the task "rank", while Sara was left in tears because she found cycling so painful.

However, Head of House Darnell was not sympathetic.

When Stuart asked him to go to the Diary Room to ask if the bikes' seats could be adjusted, he was less than impressed.

Returning from his chat with Big Brother, Darnell said: "We've been told several times that the bikes are fine so Big Brother obviously disagrees. And I do too. I don't understand what the problem is, it's a bike."

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