Suzanne Lofthus on Downs with Love: 'The play doesn't give answers but raises questions'

Downs with Love

Cutting Edge Theatre present a love story that challenges lazy notions about people with Down's Syndrome

'Theatre enables an audience to see, hear and experience issues from other people's perspectives,' says Suzanne Lofthus, writer and director of Downs with Love. 'The play doesn't give answers but raises questions.'

Lofthus's company, Cutting Edge Theatre, presents a moving love story that challenges lazy notions about people with Down's Syndrome, casting Abigail Brydon as a young woman dealing with passionate desire and perceived disability. While the company has previously worked in prisons and staged large scale community works, Downs with Love takes a more traditional approach through a script developed in conjunction with Brydon and a Scottish tour.

'I set up Cutting Edge Theatre in 1995 in Edinburgh with the express aim "to make a difference". We work a lot with people who are disadvantaged in some way both here and abroad,' continues Lofthus, before affirming her roots in community performance. 'Often the process is as important as the end product.'

By presenting a story that isn't a simple lecture on the nature of Down's, Cutting Edge are consciously promoting a serious discussion about social attitudes. 'I hope the audience will question themselves about what do they actually think about disability, perhaps have their preconceptions challenged and be inspired.'

Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, Tue 5 Jun; Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, Wed 6 Jun; Theatre Royal, Dumfries, Thu 7 Jun; Platform, Easterhouse, Sun 10 Jun; Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, Tue 12 Jun.

Downs with Love

Downs with Love tells the story of Beth, a young girl with Down’s Syndrome. She lives a very independent life with the help of a new support worker, Tracy. On Friday nights, Beth goes to the pub to watch Mark, a local singer. Beth loves Mark but the problem is – Mark loves Tracy.

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