MC Almond Milk on Carbs: 'It's as simple as who can come up with the funnier joke'

MC Almond Milk on Carbs: ''We bounce off each other. It's as simple as who can come up with the funnier joke.'

credit: Chris Byrne

MC Almond Milk and Jonnie Common reunite as Carbs, returning with new EP YouTubular Bells

After their last two albums had similarly punny titles – MC Almond Milk's Smell the Audi (with Jay Rolex) and Jonnie Common's solo instrumental Kitchen Sync – you get the feeling Carbs are all about building a record purely around a concept that amuses them. And you'd be right. 'When Jonnie came up with the idea of sampling music from YouTube and calling it YouTubular Bells, we knew it was time to write some new stuff now we had a silly gimmick to go with,' explains Jamie Scott aka MC Almond Milk, one half of Carbs.

The hip hop duo's new EP is a short but sweet one-off, fusing samples found from YouTube, mainly videos demonstrating rare pieces of gear, to create a library of loops and beats. To this they added Carbs' trademark deadpan, self-deprecating lyricism to create a fleeting burst of musical experimentation. With hip hop playing as important a role as it ever has in using music to convey socially and politically important messages, Carbs' brand of Scothop – which deals in mickey-taking, nostalgia and examining the quotidian – stands out as a slice of fun in an often sombre scene.

'There's some amazing, important music coming out,' Scott says. 'Hip hop has always been a really great format for people to speak in a completely open way to get their message across. We just don't happen to be doing that on this album.' YouTubular Bells is as much exploring the duo's lives and friendship as it is anything else. Tracks alluding to Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario give a nod to their 90s mania, as well as their cooperative-slash-competitive relationship. 'We bounce off each other. It's as simple as who can come up with the funnier joke. If I can write a better one-liner than Jonnie in a song, I'm doing well for myself.'

Glad Café, Glasgow, Fri 8 Jun; Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, Sat 9 Jun.


Aka Jonnie Common and Jamie Scott's (Conquering Animal Sound) off kilter pop / rap outfit

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