Take Me Somewhere: Moot Moot (4 stars)

Moot Moot

Are we good?

Barry and Barry, doppelganger 70s style radio presenters, ask over and over, and over again. Are they good? Are they ready? When the two finally realise they are indeed good, their theme tune commences, they take their seats and the show begins.

Moot Moot is the latest performance piece from Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill, of the 'concept band' Double P*ssy C*it F*ck, and was originally performed earlier in the year at the Yard Theatre in London. The show consists of riotous back and forth banter between the two identical hosts with no outside responses. They use classic, cheesy and cliché presenter jargon like 'you're not wrong', 'get in touch' and 'we want to hear from you'. Yet, no one gets in touch – they only appear to exist in this universe by themselves.

The two are stuck in their own endless echo-chamber where their words are meaningless, lack substance and they always agree with each other. It is a clear symbolic nod to the current political climate and the endless void, or echo-chambers, of Twitter feeds and other social media where 'opinions' are aired but not truly listened to or deconstructed – and you only see the type that you are inclined to side with. As the two break into song singing "it's all about you and your opinions", it is clear that opinions are reduced to a farce.

The only other companion that joins Barry and Barry on stage is a British Sign Language translator that translates everything the duo says with over-the-top relish. The irony here is that it, of course, falls on deaf ears – you can't sign through a radio.

The production is a side-splitting spectacle that highlights our modern eras destruction of opinion with captivating use of sound and minimal set.

Take Me Somewhere ran until 4 Jun.

Take Me Somewhere

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