5 Reasons to Go See - Jay-Z

  1. He stuck it right up Noel Gallagher
    Noel made some rash remarks about Jay-Z being chosen to headline Glastonbury this year. In retaliation, Jay-Z ran an intro tape mocking Gallagher, then proceeded to lead the huge crowd through a sarcastic version of ‘Wonderwall’. All good fun.
  2. He’s the biggest rapper in the world
    Not sure how you judge these things exactly, but 50 million worldwide sales and counting isn’t doing too bad for the Brooklynite who set up his own label, Rock-a-Fella, 12 years ago because nobody would put out his records.
  3. He’s a mogul
    Like all good hip hop success stories he’s diversified, and now owns a clothing range, record companies, a chain of sports bars, an NBA basketball team, property development companies, promotions companies and a Scottish vodka brand called Armadale. Really!
  4. He goes home to Beyoncé every night
    Jay-Z finally made an honest woman of the R&B star earlier this year, after a low-key relationship lasting several years. Whether or not this happy state of affairs led to his infamous ‘99 Problems’ line ‘. . . but a bitch ain’t one’), we couldn’t say.
  5. He made Jonathan Ross look like a dick
    Not the hardest thing to do, maybe, but on a recent appearance on the bouffant fud’s chat show, he ran rings round Ross till he didn’t know what to say next. Sweet.

SECC, Glasgow, Sun 20 Jul.


Mr Beyonce Knowles brings his superior hip-hop tour – The Magna Carter tour – to the UK.

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