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The Briganties

The Briganties

Dublin’s Fight Like Apes’ ‘Lend Me Your Face’ (Model Citizen Records) •• is a three-minute, high-voltage pop song full of dance beats and female vocals with attitude. ‘Radio Friendly’ (Stereotone) ••• from The Starlets is a perfect example of Scottish wistful shoegazing indiepop with the added bonus of trumpet from Nigel Baillie of Camera Obscura. Jangly guitar and subtle vocals make this a track to lose yourself in. Death Cab for Cutie are back with ‘Cath (Atlantic) ••• a dark, melancholy song full of angst and heartbreaking lyrics that will have you reaching for the Kleenex. ‘Ultraviolet’ (Columbia) •• is the lead track from the Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging movie soundtrack from The Stiff Dylans, a by-numbers pop punk track that doesn’t sound dissimilar to Boy Kill Boy or Panic at the Disco. Noah and the Whale have done a great job of making the perfect sunshine pop song. ‘Five Years Time’ (Young & Lost Club/Vertigo) •••• comes complete with boy/girl harmonies, ukulele, handclaps, whistling and a recorder solo. Infantile beauty - now all we need is the sunshine.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend are a guitar-driven three piece that hail from both Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Optimism EP (Demo) ••• follows the current trend of singing in a Scottish accent but doesn’t follow any others. Epic, garage rock with haunting vocals and certain hints of Sonic Youth’s ‘Teenage Riot’ on ‘The Greatest Highs’. Ones to watch. Once in a while you’ll walk down Buchanan Street and hear a busker strumming away and belting out a tune like he’s on stage at Hampden and once in a while he’ll sound good.

David Bateman does acoustic simplicity, reminiscent of 90’s Britpop alumni Ocean Colour Scene, The Seahorses and James, especially on ‘Caroline’ (demo) •••. Ever wondered what happened to good old fashioned indie? Are you sick of the latest wave of electro/nu-rave/emo? If so then The Briganties are the band for you. A very British sound with soaring vocals and vintage guitar solos. ‘Underground’ (demo) •••• hits you hard and fast with a constant battery of drums and dirty guitar, not dissimilar to Arctic Monkeys but less refined, something that gives them a deserved Single of the Fortnight.


1. niddrieneil20 Jul 2008, 4:14pm Report

I just had to check out The Briganties after the Arctics comparison nad noticed they're given the track away free on their myspace The other track their given away is even better although it doesn't sound like the Monkey boys.

2. Jimmy Spence21 Jul 2008, 9:07am Report

Check out the above comment. From the band? ha ha. Too many bands sounding like The Monkeys. NO GOOD.

3. Whatevers cool this month21 Jul 2008, 1:25pm Report

Sick of electro/nu-wave/emo and arctic monkeys.

Theres a glasgow band at
who follow no trends.

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