The Temperance Movement: 'It was very uncool to be making the music we were making, but it was just the music we loved'

The Temperance Movement: 'It was very uncool to be making the music we were making, but it was just the music we loved'

Scottish blues rockers cover Oasis as they prepare for TRNSMT

TRNSMT took over Platform on Argyll Street in Glasgow earlier this week. Not only to give us a sneaky peek at the quality street food that will be on offer from Platform at the fest on Glasgow Green (including Box Office Artisan Pizza and Tiny Dancer's Slider Pantry) but also for a series of unique one off performances as various acts took time out to play a cover of one of their favourite artists appearing on the bill.

Phil Campbell, lead vocalist with retro blues rockers The Temperance Movement, took on Oasis' 'Up In The Sky' before sitting down to chat about meeting your heroes, changing lineups and touring America with Judas Priest and Deep Purple.

How would you describe The Temperance Movement's music?
Our band are an old school rock'n'roll blues band. We sort of styled ourselves on Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac, The Yardbirds, The Faces. We started in 2012 and it was very uncool to be making the music we were making, but it was just the music we loved. I moved to London when I was 19 because Glasgow wasn't the city it is now. The night before I left to start a new life in London I heard Exile on Main St and I'd never really heard the Stones before then and they, more than the Beatles, were a band that really stuck with me.

And you've gone on to support The Rolling Stones, that must have been pretty special.
We got on four Europe tour dates and we got to play at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, so five gigs. By the end of it we got photographs with them, a bit of time with Mick [Jagger] in his room, Keith [Richards] was dead approachable, invited us into his dressing room to meet his family, and that set us up across America.

A Deeper Cut came out earlier this year, how did you find making the album? Especially with guitarist Luke Potashnick and drummer Damon Wilson leaving the band.
It was really heart breaking loosing two of the guys, they were the heart and soul of the band. But you have to get over that shit, it takes a long time, it was all a bit confusing, it felt like the band was changing, it was dying for a time. I think I went into overdrive trying to over compensate but we're getting there. Deeper Cut was a good test for us, it all just fell into place, we threw everything at it but I think we have a better record in us, but for fuck's sake it went to number 6 [in the UK album charts] so I'm really, really proud of it.

Looking forward to playing TRNSMT?
So much, massively, massively, massively looking forward to it.

You play the same day as Queen. Are you a fan?
I'm a huge fan of Queen. I think Freddie Mercury was the first rock icon I really loved. I could hear he had one of the greatest voices to ever take the stage, he also had a very hypnotic personality on stage, I think I was a little bit in love with him. I'd pretend to be him in the mirror, that classic childhood thing. I met Brian May once, we played at this thing called the Sunflower Jam, which is a cancer charity, in the wake of John Lord from Deep Purple dying. It was one of our first gigs, playing at the Albert Hall in front of Alice Cooper, Brian May, Jeremy Irons, people like that. Brian came up to us after and was like 'I loved your band you were so good,' so I said 'what do you mean you're Brian May you played the solo on "Killer Queen", shut up, stop it.' He was such a lovely guy.

What have The Temperance Movement got lined up for the rest of the summer?
We've got a great year. We're playing the summer festivals Download, TRNSMT, festivals in France, Germany. And we're playing with Deep Purple in Italy and Finland, which has turned into an American tour with Deep Purple and Judas Priest, August to September across America, which is going to be fantastic.

The Temperance Movement play TRNSMT, Glasgow Green, Fri 6 Jul.

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