The Shakes (4 stars)

The Shakes


King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 10 Jul

Gracing the stage at King Tut’s with their presence for the first time, Dumbarton band The Shakes played to a full house. As the first guitar pickings of ‘Every Time I Go Away’ begin the audience cheers – one of their more mellow tracks but one to get your head bobbing.

With ‘Little Romancer’ Gillies (vocals) really lets loose his bluesy, gravely voice, performing like he belongs there (actually they all do) although he can’t seem to bring himself to open his eyes and look at the crowd - which is very endearing, if a little surprising.

On final track ‘Driffic’, The Shakes show how good they are with driving guitars, drum fills galore, bass that you can feel in the pit of your stomach and vocals that hold their own against the momentum-building wall of sound.

With every song different to the one before, The Shakes play rock’n’roll the way it’s supposed to be played; with urgency, passion and energy - and evidently they make sure they’re having a good time whilst they’re doing it.

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