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Gin Goblins

Gin Goblins are Edinburgh punk legends, having delivered a unique brand of schlocky horror doom hardcore for the last 16 years. When The Horrors were still in short pants, Gin Goblins were getting victimised by Scottish tabloids and banned from narrow-minded towns thanks to their extreme, blood-drenched onstage antics. We spoke to Dave Gin Goblin as the band prepared to support American legends The Dickies

How does it feel to be considered veterans?
‘It’s kind of weird, but we try not to think about it much. Folk have said a lot of things about us over the years, we stopped listening after a while.’

What do you think of today’s music scene?
‘The music around has got even worse than when we started, if that’s possible. There is good stuff out there, but the sea of shit you have to sail through to find it is getting larger all the time. The day we stop thinking we’re great is the day we stop doing it. You have to think you’re great, don’t you? Otherwise what’s the point?’

What advice would you give to young bands starting out today?
‘Please yourself and don’t try to jump on bandwagons. Even if you fail dismally, at least you’ve been true to yourself, rather than trying to please some idiot in a suit in London, you know? Once you go down the road of a major label, the likelihood is it’s going to screw up your band, you’re better off doing everything yourself.’

Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Mon 28 Jul; The Island of Punk, Cramond Island, Sat 16 Aug.

The Dickies

Late 70s LA punk band perhaps best know for their adrenaline fuelled take on 'Banana Splits'.

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