Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 30 Jul; The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 31 Jul

‘I break an average of three drumsticks per show,’ nods John Baillie Jnr, one of the two drummers in crashing, Glasgow guitar-rock band Dananananaykroyd. ‘We enjoy a good rock out. It’s just more fun when it gets noisy,’ he shrugs. The six-piece of shambolic, piss-taking jokers, who’ve been known to build human pyramids on stage and club each other fairly hard with guitars, once described their music as ‘fight-pop’, but Baillie’s worried that some folk could get the wrong idea. ‘None of us are mental violent or anything, we’re six wimps really – Laura (bassist) is probably the hardest among us.’

After two years growing an ‘organic fanbase’ through gigs, and a string of unfortunate cock-ups – Jealous Records went bust before putting out their debut EP – the band signed last month to London label, Best Before. Their much-praised first EP, Sissy Hits, is a shouty, sometimes droney, always frantic indie mash-up of guitars, which Baillie reckons is a good taster of what’s to come. They’re working on a full album, due out next year, and ‘Infinity Milk’, a 30-second outro on the EP, is a wee appetite-whetter.

‘Infinity Milk’ was one of those stupid terms we coined one day on the bus,’ he laughs. ‘It was something to do with journalists never getting bored of asking the same questions about our name.’ They also describe their music as ‘idiot rock’ and ‘moronic punk’, but basically the essence is fun. ‘I feel sorry for bands who don’t have fun onstage. Going mental is a totally integral part of the music.’

Dananananaykroyd, Mirror! Mirror! and Jesus H Foxx

Flailing noise action from the much touted Dananananaykroyd.


Flailing noise action from the much loved Dananananaykroyd playing their last ever show. It's gonna be emotional…

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