View, The - album review (4 stars)

This article is from 2007.

The View

Hats Off to the Buskers (1965 Records)


This Dundonian foursome are pretty sure of themselves - you can hear it in their swaggering guitar attacks and colourful lyrics. But who can blame them when they boast a debut like this, utterly passion-filled and packed solid with catchy tunes.

Rip-roaring singles, ‘Superstar Tradesman’, ‘Same Jeans’ and ‘Wasted Little DJ’s’ are perfect examples of what to expect from the majority of Hats Off To The Buskers and combined with bittersweet acoustic ditties and bluesy romps, it makes for gripping listening. Last January, four young cheeky upstarts with quick wit, scratchy riffs and big hearts released one of the most successful records of the year, and The View may well be about to follow in their footsteps.

The View

Dundonian indie scamps.

La Belle Angèle, Edinburgh

Wed 4 Oct

£18.50 / 0131 220 1161

Caird Hall, Dundee

Fri 1 Dec

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The Garage, Aberdeen

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