Nick Jonas wants 'creative' album releases

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  • 22 May 2018
Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is looking to be more "creative" with his album releases, and doesn't feel any "pressure" to put a full record out any time soon

Nick Jonas is looking to be more "creative" with his album releases.

The 25-year-old singer hasn't released a studio album since 2016's 'Last Year Was Complicated', but has admitted that he doesn't feel any "pressure" to put out a new record, as there's now "new and exciting ways" to get music to his fans without having to release a full LP.

Speaking about his next album, he said: "I'm not really in a spot where I'm feeling pressured to release something. The amazing part about 2018 is that you can be more creative with your releases. When you're inspired, you can release something, and there's new and exciting ways to get the music out there. My priority is going to be just trying to stay creative, and when the time is right, release that music."

Earlier this month, Nick did put out new music when he released the single 'Anywhere', which was a collaboration with EDM star Mustard.

And whilst the song was a change in direction for the former Jonas Brother, Nick admits the process was "exciting".

Speaking to Billboard magazine, he said: "Collaborating with Mustard was amazing. I think it's exciting to step into this EDM side of things, and to have this collaboration as a first step out this year. I want to make music that people want to have a good time to. When people come to the show, for them to be able to dance and express themselves is kind of the greatest thing ... it's nice to be able to create music that gives people that opportunity, and I think this song encourages them."

The 'Jealous' hitmaker's foray into EDM comes after he previously admitted his next studio album will be a party soundtrack.

He said: "I can tell you that this body of work as a whole has a real sense of optimism about it, in the lyrics ... I tried to say all of what I wanted to say.

"The last body of work was very much a breakup album and heavy in some ways, and this one feels lighter and I think touches on an excitement I feel about this next chapter of my life and the journey that I'm going on. I listen to music to be uplifted and to enjoy my time so I want to create that for my fans as well."

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