The Shires want their own Nashville musical

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  • 21 May 2018
The Shires

The Shires

The Shires have revealed they would love to produce a Nashville-inspired musical with Ed Sheeran

The Shires want to make a Nashville-inspired musical.

British country music duo Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes would love to put together a stage show after seeing the success of Hugh Jackman-starring musical movie, 'The Greatest Showman'.

Crissie told the Daily Star newspaper: "Ben's pretty much written the whole lot already.

"It's such a massive thing 'The Greatest Showman' and so many people are loving it, so perhaps that's something we could think about for sure."

Ben added: "We would love to do that! 100 per cent."

The blonde beauty added that she'd love to get Ed Sheeran involved after he wrote their song 'Stay The Night'.

She said: "I know that Ed is a really big fan of country music.

"His songs are very country so you know I think the three of us getting together, we could create something really fun."

The pair even met the 'Shape of You' hitmaker in Nashville - the home of country music - at an after party for his concert, and following a heavy night of drinking together, Ed offered them the track.

Ben previously said: "Crissie and I went along to an after-party Ed was hosting after his concert at Nashville but she wasn't feeling great.

"He told us he was familiar with our music and we were like, 'Woah, that's incredible'.

"A few hours later I was about to leave and I saw Ed and his mates playing a drinking game with a girl who was downing beer out of a keg while doing a handstand.

"Everyone there was cheering, it was pretty mental.

"Then I did a double take and it was Crissie.

"Afterwards we said it would be great if we could work together in the future, and a few days later he sent us his track Stay The Night."

Crissie added: "So basically my drinking ability got us an Ed Sheeran song."

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