Iggy Azalea says 'everything is on track' with new album

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  • 18 May 2018
Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

Australian rap star Iggy Azalea has logged on to Twitter to tell her 8.1 million followers that "everything is on track" with her hotly anticipated second album 'Surviving the Summer'

Iggy Azalea has told her fans that "everything is on track" with her new album 'Surviving the Summer'.

The 27-year-old rapper has been busy working on her second studio LP and putting the finishing touches to her fresh tracks.

Iggy - who gave her fans a tease of what's to come when she dropped single 'Saviour', featuring Quavo, back in February - has now logged on to Twitter to tell her 8.1 million followers that although the amount of work she has to do ahead of release can sometimes be overwhelming she is feeling confident about she's created.

And Iggy's has been reassured she's on the right path with her songs after playing a selection to close friend who felt the same vibe as her.

She tweeted: "Sometimes i feel a little overwhelmed by how many little pieces i have to get sorted out before i can say music and visuals are done. there are a lot of tiny pieces to put together and when youre looking at it across the floor a mess its like F***********K.

"But i say all this to say i met up and spoke to an old friend/creative person i work with last night and we spoke for a long time about the themes and undertones of STS and actually - im on track. i feel good today about my level of organization.

"It makes me happy when someone comes and listens to something and then writes down notes and all the words you write down about how it makes you feel are the same things i was thinking about when making it. YES. i feel very good today. Everything is on track no delays. [sic]"

Iggy was inundated with replies to her tweets with most of her fans sharing their excitement about her upcoming music,

However, the 'Black Widow' hitmaker also received some negative messages on the social media site and so decided to log off to prevent the haters from wrecking her positive vibe.

She tweeted: "YALL KILL MY VIBE SO HARD I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU ... ill be back in a few weeks when i have the artwork and dates for you because right now your supper killing my creative energy. love you tho. see you in a little bit. ill be on instagram. dont ruin that too. lol. [sic]"

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