Sleepy housemates

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 July 2008


Big Brother has reprimanded the housemates for sleeping during the day. Head of House Darnell - who was elected to the position by the rest of the contestants at the weekend - was called to the Diary Room this afternoon (3.53pm) where Big Brother told him he had to stop the rest of the group napping.

Darnell said to Lisa: "They're through with people falling asleep. Period."

He then explained Big Brother had "named and shamed" the people who kept trying to snatch 40 winks.

After some gentle nudging by the rest of the house, Darnell revealed Big Brother had specifically mentioned Dale.

He then went to wake the trainee teacher up, only for Dale to claim he wasn't sleeping he just "had his eyes shut".

Mohamed also fell foul of Darnell when he tried to rest in the garden.

Spotting what was happening, Darnell exclaimed: "It doesn't matter about you're reasons we're not allowed to nap. No napping!"

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