Ben Whishaw is keen to star in Paddington 3

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 May 2018
Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw

British actor Ben Whishaw has confessed he wants to make 'Paddington 3'

Ben Whishaw wants to make 'Paddington 3'.

The 37-year-old actor has starred in the two previous movies about Paddington Bear and Ben has revealed he'd relish the opportunity to reprise the role of voicing the central character - but he appreciates writer and director Paul King may be in need of a break.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I would be up for but I think the way Paul King is as a writer and director is instrumental in making those films what they are and he quite rightly needs a break, a tremendous amount of work goes into those films."

The two previous movies premiered in 2014 and 2017, and Ben has admitted he doesn't know if, or when, his ambition of reprising the role will come to fruition.

He shared: "I'm not sure if it will happen or when it does, when it will happen.

"I can't imagine doing Paddington without Paul, for me he's the films and he's a bit like Paddington Bear himself so I don't know if I could do it without him. I just do what he tells me."

Meanwhile, Ben recently admitted he is excited about the prospect of Danny Boyle directing 'Bond 25'.

The British actor - who stars as Q in the money-spinning franchise - has heard little about the project, but he's thrilled Danny will be sat in the director's chair.

Ben explained: "I just think it's really exciting to have Danny Boyle on board for Bond. I was thrilled when I read that he was going to be doing it, I can't think of a better or more exciting fit for Daniel [Craig] and the direction he's taken the character of Bond.

"I'm just really excited to work with him, I've been such a big fan. It seems weird to talk about it because I've not had a conversation with him but it's exciting."

Paddington 3

  • 2023
  • UK

A third big screen adventure for the bear from Darkest Peru.