Tom Fletcher co-wrote song on Dougie Poynter's INK EP

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  • 8 May 2018
Dougie Poynter

Dougie Poynter

McFly's Tom Fletcher helped out his bandmate Dougie Poynter by co-writing a track on his new trio INK's debut EP

Tom Fletcher co-wrote a song on his McFly bandmate Dougie Poynter's new group INK's debut EP.

The 30-year-old bassist says Tom, Harry Judd and Danny Jones are all behind his new punk rock side project, and the frontman even contributed to their first release, 'Heaven', which was released in March.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Dougie spilled: "There's no beef. Tom [Fletcher] even co-wrote one of the songs on our EP."

Dougie - who previously dated pop star Ellie Goulding - previously said that starting a new band doesn't mean McFly is over, though he has no idea when they'll get back together to make new music as they are all so busy with their own ventures.

Asked what's happening with the 'All About You' hitmakers, he said: "I get asked it a lot and there is no real answer.

'Everyone's got their own thing going on, which I can only see adding to the future of the band one day."

The long-haired hunk - who is joined in the trio by pals Todd Dorigo and Cory Alexander - also revealed that touring causes him intense back pain due to playing the stringed instrument on one side.

He said: "By the end, I'm a broken man. I have shin splints.

"The back's out of place because of the bass being on one shoulder ... I shouldn't do any pogo-ing around stage at all but I can't help it.

"If I'm not bouncing I'm not working hard enough."

Dougie's McFly bandmates are also keeping busy as they enjoy a year away from the group.

Whilst Harry has reinvented himself as a fitness guru, Danny was a coach on 'The Voice Kids' and will keep up with his work as a songwriter and producer.

Tom has his own solo projects to focus on, as he looks to write more novels and produce a musical based on his 'Christmasaurus' children's' book.

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