Profile - Mark Olver

Profile - Mark Olver

Who’s this fella, then? Having first taken to the mic in 1998, Mark Olver is among that triptych of fine young comics from the west country, which also includes Russell Howard and Wil Hodgson. His style is more conversational than Hodgson’s and less speedy than Howard’s. He reckons his biggest gig to date was as the warm-up for Deal Or No Deal when a contestant walked away with a cool quarter of a million.

Why should you never say ‘break a leg’ to him? In 2003, Olver was going down less than a storm in front of a beered-up crowd when he slipped on stage, dislocating his knee and breaking his ankle at the same time. He continued to perform, prone in agony until the paramedics arrived and carted him off in an ambulance. Unsurprisingly, this anecdote played a major part in his debut Fringe show from 2006, Happy Accidentally.

He must lead a fairly quiet, safe life now? Well, as we speak/write, he should have just completed a voyage which is the basis for this year’s Fringe show, Ramble On. His plan was to walk all the way from Bristol to Edinburgh (that’s 410 miles) booking into no hotels and simply relying on the kindness of strangers to get by.

Want to read more about all that? Assuming he doesn’t come some horrible cropper on his travels, Olver will be detailing his journey in the next issue.

Jongleurs, Glasgow, Fri 18 & Sat 19 Jul.

Jongleurs Comedy Club

A very cheery line-up for Jongleurs: Mark Olver, Mike Milligan, Des Clarke and Adam van der Borgh all demonstrating the lovelier side of comedy. With hot food available and a club thing until 2am.

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