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  • 17 July 2008
  • Raymond Mearns Big man Mearns (who you may have seen in Ken Loach’s It’s a Free World last year) crops up for some top notch compering and a bit of sketch stroke stand-up stuff in Dance, Monkey Boy, Dance. The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 17–Sat 19 Jul; The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 21, 28, Thu 31 Jul.
  • Owen O’Neill The poetic and playwrighting Irishman hasn’t got a comedy show going down at the Fringe this August, so see him now and hold your peace. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 17–Sat 19 Jul.
  • Mark Olver The innovative, journeying lad gives Glasgow a shot of his thing before doing Edinburgh come August. See Profile. Jongleurs, Glasgow, Fri 18 & Sat 19 Jul.
  • Will & Greg: A Sketch Show Messrs Andrews and McHugh do skits and playlets and character stuff as a precursor to their almighty Fringe assault. The Stand, Edinburgh, Wed 23 Jul.
  • Seymour Mace The lovable oddity from the north east of England prepares to simultaneously entertain and scare you. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 24–Sun 27 Jul.

Dance, Monkey Boy, Dance

Another dose of the all-improvising Monkey Boys: Raymond Mearns, John Ross and Allen Chalmers, as they prepare to hand over power to their faithful audience.

The Thursday Show

Raymond Mearns leads the way tonight, dragging along some very grand and established acts in his compering wake: poet Owen O'Neill, John Scott and Phil Differ, with the newer but marvellous Jeff O'Boyle.

The Thursday Show

Ms Susan 'Calmanator' Calman comperes this evening, with four charming gents: Sandy Nelson, Scott Agnew, Nick Morrow and the charmingly baffling Seymour Mace.

The Thursday Show

The line-up is yet to be announced but with MC Raymond Mearns at the helm, it's bound to be a super night of comedy fun.

The Stand

Super-Scot Vladimir McTavish headlines tonight, with Seymour Mace, Scott Agnew, Nick Morrow and charming hostess Susan Calman.

Michael Redmond's Sunday Service

He knows his crowd and sniffs their shoes like no other - it is of course another evening hosted by Michael Redmond. Tonight's guests include Seymour Mace, Carly Baker and Neil Shackleton.

The Stand

It's a night of manly men being kinda manly - headed up by burly Raymond Mearns. With Owen O'Neill, John Scott, Phil Differ and Roland Gent. Grrr.

Jongleurs Comedy Club

A very cheery line-up for Jongleurs: Mark Olver, Mike Milligan, Des Clarke and Adam van der Borgh all demonstrating the lovelier side of comedy. With hot food available and a club thing until 2am.

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