Unexploded Ordnances: Exploding perceptions of women and theatre

Unexploded Ordnances: Exploding perceptions of women and theatre

Dr Strangelove-inspired performance from Split Britches creates a compelling forum for political debate

Formed in 1980, New York-based performance duo Split Britches have long established themselves as a dynamic feminist company, making work that resonates with, and challenges, audience perception of what theatre can do. The latest show from the twosome of Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw is Unexploded Ordnances, an interactive tech-based piece as part of the Take Me Somewhere programme. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick's classic Cold War satire Dr Strangelove, the work is also a reference to the visibility of older women.

'I've been developing formats for conducting accessible and democratic conversations, such as long tables, porch sittings and care cafes,' explains Weaver. 'In this show, we have combined these approaches, and are experimenting with juxtaposing rehearsed performance that includes song, dance and comedy with real-time conversations with the audience.'

Above all, the main remit is to blur boundaries between spectator and performer, encouraging a political discourse for all. 'We hope that people will feel a bit more connected in these times of harsh disconnection,' adds Weaver. 'And we hope people laugh a little and come away thinking about how their own buried desires might help them solve a problem, even if it seems ridiculous or whimsical or improbable.'

Platform, Glasgow, Sat 26 May.

Unexploded Ordnances (UXO)

Dr Strangelove inspired theatre production by duo UXO that takes the form of an interactive show.

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