Sting and Shaggy's album was 'happy accident'

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  • 29 April 2018


Sting and Shaggy's album '44/876' was a "happy accident"

Sting and Shaggy's album was a "happy accident".

The two stars forged an unlikely friendship after the 'Oh Carolina' hitmaker joined the former Police rocker on stage to rap on his song 'Roxanne' and then went on to send him a song called 'Don't Make Me Wait', which led to them getting into the studio together initially to work on a Sting record but it soon turned into their joint effort '44/876'.

Sting recalled: "We then started working on an album which was supposed to be mine."

Shaggy added: "But I jumped on every song."

Sting continued: "It's a conversation between two people from different cultures and it is based on mutual affection and I think he joy comes off the tracks. It's a happy accident."

But while the pair are having fun together, the 'Message in a Bottle' hitmaker admitted their partnership won't last beyond one album and a tour.

Sting, 66, said: "This was great fun to make but we did it because we wanted to surprise people. We've done that so it wouldn't be a surprise next time. But the tour is going to be great fun."

Shaggy, 49, is looking forward to going out on the road with his friend but he still gets nervous about getting up on stage.

He told HELLO! magazine: "I get professional nerves a bit. But once you are on, it is heaven, you just glide. It's like you are in your own living room."

Sting quipped: "I just wonder what you are doing in my living room."

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