Task Hell

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 July 2008


The Hell housemates think they will fail this week's shopping task. The group - Lisa, Belinda, Stuart, Luke, Rebecca, Mikey and Sara - have 30 hours to cycle 1,040km, but they are concerned the challenge is too tough for them to compete.

As first the team were excited about the challenge, especially when they saw the newly decorated task room (2.38pm).

Sara exclaimed: "This is so cool!"

Lisa joked: "You won't be saying that in the early hours of the morning."

Fitness-mad Lisa and Stuart were the first to take to the bikes, but even they admitted the going was tough.

When Luke told Stuart he had only completed one mile, Stuart replied: "This is hard guys."

Belinda was equally as concerned as she watched the pair cycling, saying: "I can't go that fast, no way."

Bex was next up, but soon started complaining that the seat of the bike was too high and she couldn't peddle properly.

Tired of her team's negativity, Lisa said they might as well "give up now" if everyone was going to be so defeatist.

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