Nile Rodgers breaks nose in studio accident

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 April 2018
Nile Rodgers (c) Twitter

Nile Rodgers (c) Twitter

Nile Rodgers has suffered a broken nose after taking a tumble in his studio after tripping on some stairs

Nile Rodgers has broken his nose after suffering a fall in his recording studio.

The 65-year-old disco legend posted a video of himself trying to stem the blood flowing from his nose as he writhes on the floor in pain over a puddle of blood.

In the clip he can be heard saying: "I think we better go to the hospital bro."

The Chic band leader captioned the footage: "Who's life is more #crazy than mine? I broke my nose tripping on the top stair of my studio [sic]"

Although the injury looked bad, Nile later posed an updated on his condition to his followers on Twitter revealing he had been commended by the medical team at the hospital he visited for the first aid skills he used on himself.

His tweet read: "Sometime I assume too much. Here: I have a foldable ice pack and have already stopped the bleeding. When I arrived at the hospital the Dr. said, 'I did everything right.' I'm going to be fine even w the broken nose. [sic]"

The 'Good Times' hitmaker - who discovered his cancer had returned last summer but is now "100 per cent" healthy again - is currently putting the finishing touches to the new Chic album, the first collection of new material since 1992's 'Chic-ism'.

Describing the sound of the LP, he recently said: "I look at albums as films and this album to me feels like a movie in two parts. The wacky comparison I make is it's like the film 'Kill Bill' where they had parts one and two; they stand out on their own but you don't get the full story until you see the second one where she's gotta Kill Be.

"There's a lot of wonderful people on there and I have a lot to say but it's a lot to consume and not fair to the listener."

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