The Tron's Mayfesto focuses on the domestic for its 2018 edition of the annual mini-festival

The Tron's Mayfesto shows its commitment to new work and emerging artists

Ma, Pa and the Little Mouths / credit: John Johnston

The Glasgow theatre yet again shows its commitment to new work and emerging artists

With its roots in political theatre, The Tron's annual festival of 'provocative' theatre has gone domestic for 2018. By teaming up with the National Theatre of Scotland, Take Me Somewhere and Fire Exit, it not only presents a season of new plays that take a look at the family, but offers opportunities to see work from emerging artists alongside more seasoned performance makers.

Both Gut and Ma, Pa and the Little Mouths are new scripts that examine the anxieties of family life, while David Hoyle's Diamond invites the legendary artist to meditate on the history of LGBTQI+ activism. Fire Exit preside over a series of readings supported by their bursary programme, before Mayfesto concludes with a concert from their in-house community choir.

The Tron's own production, Ma, Pa and the Little Mouths, stars Gerry Mulgrew (a veteran star of Scottish theatre) alongside Karen Dunbar. The former Chewin' the Fat star's experience as a comedian has already been translated into an exciting approach to theatre, as witnessed by her appearance in Beckett's Happy Days which was directed by The Tron's artistic director Andy Arnold. Playwright Martin McCormick has already won the CATS Best New Play 2015, and his work has a wild wit, a taste for the absurd, and a fiery sensibility.

Other highlights include Cora Bissett's latest What Girls Are Made Of, and an entry supported by the Mental Health Fringe Award. As ever Mayfesto is buoyed by its range of collaborators and a commitment to new work and emerging artists.


Mayfesto celebrates edgy and provocative new work and theatre that focuses on what's going on in the world, responding to recent events.

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